Traveling Dream Program

This program will assist young people who are passionate about the world realize their travel dreams. The mission of the project supports ChinaBase’s core value of how travel enriches the life of everyone. We encourage young people to submit their extraordinary idea for travel for a chance to receive a sponsorship.
通过我们的旅行资助, 让更多热爱生活的年轻人在旅行中认识世界, 增强自信心, 并获得成长, 实现自己的梦想! 于此我们鼓励年轻人递交自己的旅行目的,并会协助你实现旅行梦想。

TRAVELING DREAM PROGRAM is available to travelers from every where in the world. – Travel destination: China – You are between 16 and 21 years old – Follow “ChinaBase Travel” on Facebook or Wechat Official Account – Your idea for travel (not more than 500 words) should be submitted to Ideas should be related to adventure trips, or to inspire and give meaning to other people’s lives, or traveling for the purpose of doing research for arts & architecture, nature, science, history & civilization – You will be notified within 2 months after having submitted your application.
– Sponsorship can only be received after the travel is completed.
– Submission opening date: September 18, 2014
助你实现旅行梦想 适合全世界任何旅行者 – 旅行目的地: 中国 – 年龄在16至21岁之间 – 关注我们的公众账号@chinabase_travel 或者 Facebook PAGE – 把你的旅行目的发送到wetravel@chinabasetravel.com可以是非凡的探险之旅, 也可以是为了慈善公益, 或者是为探索艺术和建筑、发现自然与科学、研究历史与人文而行
– 我们在收到之后的两个月内通知你
– 仅限旅行结束后获取旅行基金 – 启动日期: 2014年9月18日

Become a sponsor If you are inspired, or a company look for marketing opportunities and brand awareness. Then become our sponsor and help youths to make their traveling dream come true!
成为资助者 如果您受到鼓舞,愿意帮助这些年轻人, 请加入我们一起资助他们实现梦想!