【Traveling Dream Program】is a project that supports young people’s travel in China. Since 2014, we have organized Arts Auction, Come Bike With Us and Mobile Photo Contest to support 8 people (16-21 years old) from China, Singapore, Denmark, France and Canada. This year, we are going to help a group of young people to fulfill their “unrealistic” goals and dreams.
自2014年【助你实现旅行梦想】设立以来,我们已通过艺术作品拍卖,骑行活动与手机摄影大赛集资,先后资助了来自中国,新加坡,丹麦,法国和加拿大的八名16至21岁的青年,使他们在旅行中认识世界, 增强自信心, 并获得成长。今年,我们将再次通过手机摄影大赛,帮助一群没有接触“现实”的年轻人实现他们“不切实际”的目标和梦想。

Team leaders: Bass Lin & Barry Zhang
实现”不切实际”目标和梦想的团队领导人: 林意晟, 张泽涵

We are a bunch of young people who have not made the first step into “the real society”,  we still want to fulfill our goals and dreams that are “unrealistic” such as expressing the real meaning of “Film and Media” and pass it on to people who are just like us. We come from Emerson College which located at Boston, Massachusetts. In our team, we have seven people. Five of us are major in Visual Media Arts which is basically film. Our average age is 20 and we can director, director of photography, producer, actor and editor. Yet, we come together as a team. We are looking for everything that is “beautiful” and deliver to the others.

Today, we come out as a team. Every episodes we will choose different themes, produce a series of documentaries which focus on “EXPLORING”. What’s different with the other documentaries is that we are not doing some boring documentaries, we are going make our videos look like Vlogs. There are many problems worthy of attention in today’s society, people and culture are not getting the attention and exposure that they deserve, so we want to explore them. Due to the time and budget of producing a documentary, there was no way we could go deep into a topic for a long time, so we chose to explore these topics in combination with the most popular video form at present, “vlog”. We will develop different carrying forms according to different themes, with a shooting team as the host of a series of programs, each documentary is about 20 minutes long. This kind of form combines with our experience of filmmaking are not only can it adapt to the video rhythm of today’s fast food media era and attract younger audiences, but also the high-quality content output can attract people’s attention to this topic. At the same time, we take “ EXPLORING” as the core concept, we can enlighten other people to find, to explore and to pay attention to everything that is happening round them. Finally, we hope our videos can get more supports from you by showing the meaning of the existence of our team.

这一次,我们想要以团队的形式出现,每期都会敲定不同的主题,制作一系列以“探索”为目标的vlog形式的纪录片拍摄。当今社会上有好许多值得被关注的问题、人群和文化没有得到应有的关注度和曝光度,于是我们想要对其进行探索。处于纪录片制作成本及时长的考虑,我们并没有办法可以深入一个主题进行长时间跟踪拍摄,于是我们选择结合当下最为火爆的视频形式 “vlog”来探索这些主题。我们将会根据不同的主题制定不同的承载形式,以一个拍摄团队为系列节目的主持人,去完成每一部时长约20分钟的纪录片。这种形式结合上我们较为成熟的制作经验,不仅可以适应当今快餐媒体时代的视频节奏,吸引较为年轻观众,同时较高质量的内容内容输出也可以引起人们对于这话题的关注,同时,以“探索”为核心观念,也可以鼓励人们去发现,去探索,去关注身边的点点滴滴。

About CBTravel & Event and 【Traveling Dream Program】

CBTravel & Event, a specialist in travel and event management that has been serving clients worldwide for 20 years. Sensitivity towards needs has always been an essential strategic value for us at CBTravel & Event. In August 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility became part of our written policy. Since then, we have been engaging in numerous charity activities and made many appreciated donations. In September 2014, we launched the 【Traveling Dream Program】, a project that supports young people’s travel in China, help to make the world a place with less prejudices and discrimination, more patience, understanding and love. Every year, CBTravel & Event raises funds by organizing Arts Auction, Mobile Photo Contest and Come Bike With Us. We have reached out loads of people around the world through these events. 【Traveling Dream Program】 became an important CSR policy at CBTravel & Event. Click here for more details.


重要的战略。2009年8月,企业社会责任被写入我们的公司章程,自此我们参与和举办了多次慈善捐助等公益活动。2014年9月,我们启动了【助你实现旅行梦想】项目,旨在能够支持更多的有志青年在中国的旅行,在旅行中认识世界, 增强自信心, 并获得成长;也为让世界减少偏见和歧视,多一些理解和关爱作贡献。每年,我们每年会通过举办艺术品拍卖、手机摄影比赛和骑行活动的方式来筹款,资助有勇气有才华的青年。【助你实现旅行梦想】是我们用来回馈社会的一项重要项目。点击下方链接了解更多内容:助你实现旅行梦想 TRAVELING DREAM PROGRAM