Sep. 2016

LET YOUR DREAMS SOAR! 第三届手机摄影大赛圆满落幕

Thank you for coming to the Awards Party. It was cheerful and intimate environment. Your photos have captivated the imagination of literally thousands.

In 8 weeks, we have received 261 submissions. Incl. the final vote, we have reached more than 32,000 views in about 10 weeks time. At ChinaBase, we have been looking so much forward to this event, and to meeting submitters, sponsors, judges, wechat followers and all supporters.

Grand Prize 大奖: Cash 2500 rmb
@蔚蓝Ivy (魏兰) 密西西比河,美国新奥尔良 New Orleans, USA


Friends of Ivy received the prize, photo by Wang GangFeng

2nd Prize 二等奖 : Cash 1200 rmb
@Jacky_刺破世界 (沈杰) 午夜两点半, 苏州 Suzhou


Winner Jacky received the prize, photo by Wang GangFeng

3rd Prize 三等奖 : Cash 800 rmb
@Amber & Angela (Amber) 一花一世界一叶一如来, 上海 Shanghai


Winner Amber has donated the prize to the Traveling Dream Program

Mobile Photos Contest has been designed as a fun way for people to capture their most fun and precious moments and share them with other people. At the same time, it is also a fundraising activity for our Corporate Social Responsible Program called the Traveling Dream Program. With the Traveling Dream Program, we aim to help and assist young people to realize their travel projects in China.
手机摄影大赛是希望人们通过用手机记录有趣有有意义难忘的瞬间,并分享给其他人,也同时为我们的回馈社会的计划活动”助你实现旅行梦想”筹款。该计划是希望通过我们的帮助让更多热爱生活的年轻人在旅行中认识世界, 增强自信心, 并获得成长, 实现自己的梦想!

Other Prizes 其他大奖
Sponsored by Brew Bear craft beer & BottlesXO
Gang of One Studio

Familiar Face Prize 混个脸熟奖
@我是Miracle & @Guyu Syhr (谷雨) & @Silvia


Thank you for your great effort in promoting the Mobile Photos Contest! photo by Wang GangFeng

Most Appealing Place Prize 最让人冲动想去的地方
@~wendy 蛮头~ 蓝色之城 Chefchaouen, 摩洛哥 Morocco


Judge’s Special Mention Prize by Wang Gangfeng
王刚峰评委私人奖: 上海宽银幕by王刚峰

@蔚蓝Ivy (魏兰) 密西西比河,美国新奥尔良 New Orleans, USA

When we started the 1st contest 2 years (2014) ago, we had a very simple goal, to increase the followers on our newly launched official wechat account. As time passes by, we see how the interest of participants increases, and the quality of submission improves and the mobile technology develops. The desire to make the contest more successful becomes stronger. With the support of the panel, our contest next year will be even more attractive and fun. Please stay tuned, and we will announce it very soon.

Thanks to our sponsors 感谢我们的赞助商
Many thanks to our sponsors Brew Bear craft Beer, Sichuan New Frontier Travel, Guiyang CTS, Beijing Turandot Travel & Guilin Overseas Travel, BottlesXO and Amazing Nordic Corperation.

Thanks to our judges who did an extraordinary support.

Panel of International Judges 国际评委团
Lucy Landaeta, Venezuela 委内瑞拉
Gil Palacios, USA 美国
Vincent 武扬, China 中国
Zhao Wei 赵为, China 中国
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋, Canada 加拿大

All photos at the party were taken by Mr. Wang Gangfeng (Gang of One Studio).