Dec 2017

Looking for a Christmas Gift?

Travel is a forever gift! Our following picks will have you biking the ancient towns, discovering the Guizhou Minority villages and exploring the Silk Road.

Jan 25-28, 2018 Saigon Photo Adventure 4D 摄游西贡
Refine your eye for a better image; improve your photography without being swamped by technical details; discover Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and Mekong River with the master’s photographic guidance and advice.
Click here for the tour detail: Saigon Photo Adventure.

Mar 17-18, 2018 Bike the ancient Huizhou 2D 骑行徽州府, 助你实现旅行梦想
We would like to repeat the successs of 2015 Shanghai Xitang tour, 2016 Lake Taihu & 2017 Bike the Lake Thousand Islands. On Mar 17-18, 2018 we will Bike the ancient Huizhou (approx. 134 km with a number of climbs). COME BIKE WITH US is designed to raise funds for the 【TRAVELING DREAM PROGRAM】, a project that supports young people’s travel in China, helps to make the world a place with less prejudices and discrimination, more patience, understanding and love.
Click here for the tour detail: Bike the ancient Huizhou .

Apr 28-May 01, 2018 Guizhou Minority Adventure 4D 贵州秘境行
Many villages in Guizhou are hidden away in a froest. People’s tradition and living customs seem to change very little over the generations. Join our four days’ Guizhou Minority Adventure, discover the mysterious Miao and Dong tribes, and celebrate the festival with the Miao sisters.
Click here for the tour detail: Guizhou Minority Adventure .

May 26-27 2018 Hike the wild Great Wall 2D 徒步野长城
This is an unusual hiking route. During a 2 days’ hiking tour, you will have a unique Great Wall hiking experience escorted by professional expert guide and driver. The normal hiking speed is about 2.5 kilometers per hour, but can be modified according to your physical condition.
Click here for the tour detail: Lhasa Shoton Festival .

Jun 16-18 2018 Giant Panda Volenteer Tour 3D 亲密接触大熊猫
Be as close as possible to the Pandas, take photos, prepare food for them, or help collecting behavioral data. It will be a unique experience. Visit also the Irrigations system Dujiungyan and Mt. Qingcheng.
Click here for the tour detail: Giant Panda Volenteer Tour .

Jul 10-14 2018 Nadam Festival 5D 草原盛会那达慕
Mongolia is a land of infinite space, a wild country with untouched nature and rich in tradition and culture.
The Nadam Festival means the sport competition. It is Mongolian major holiday and wonderful time to experience the culture and people of this land.
Click here for the tour detail: Nadam Festival .

Aug 08-12 2018 Lhasa Shoton Festival 4D 拉萨雪顿节
The Shoton Festival is one of the most popular traditional festivals in Tibet. On the first day, a 500m2 Buddha painting (Thangka) will be unveiled, indicating the start of the Shoton Festival. Along with the Tibetan operas and yoghurt eating, a lot of other activities take place such as yak racing, horse racing and dancing.
Click here for the tour detail: Lhasa Shoton Festival .

Sep 25-28 2018 Confucius Festival & Mt. Tai Tour 4D 登泰山访圣人
A perfect tour of nature and culture. You will first explore the Mount Tai, the symbol of Chinese spirit. Then visit Qufu, a birth place of Confucius, as well as Zoucheng, the birth place of Mencius. Both Qufu and Zouzheng contain numerous historic palaces, temples and cemeteries. The highlight of the trip is to attend the 15th Confucius Memorial Ceremony.
Click here for the tour detail: Confucius Festival & Mt. Tai Tour .

Sep 29-Oct 07 2018 Kashgar & Silk Road Expedition 9D 驼铃羌笛丝绸路
The fabled city of Kashgar hosted Marco Polo and countless Silk Road traders upon their entry to the Middle Kingdom. While its previous glory as a trading capital has disappeared, Kashgar retains the exotic air and immense appeal of medieval Asia. Your expedition starts from Kashgar. Incl. Kashgar, Turpan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Zhangye and Lanzhou.
Click here for the tour detail: Kashgar & Silk Road Expedition.

Oct 27-28 2018 Hike the Yellow Mountain 2D 徒步黄山秋意浓
“The loveliest mountain of China”, it was acclaimed through art and literature during Chinese history. Today it holds the same fascination for visitors, poets, painters and photographers who come on pilgrimage to the site, which is renowned for its magnificent scenery made up of many granite peaks and rocks emerging out of a sea of clouds.
Click here for the tour detail: Hike the Yellow Mountain .

Happy Travels in 2018