Get your breath taken away by the stunning scenery Norway has to offer, you’ll experience the magnificent fjords, the magical mainland and a cultural insight of Norway. You will go on a cruise trip that sails down the beautiful Norwegian coastlines, which possess countless nooks of fjords and mountains, towering up majestically. You will also get the chance to explore the renowned traditional Norwegian culture and cuisine. All in all you get to experience all the best ways to adventure: cruise, train, boat, bus & hiking.

Destinations: Oslo – Trondheim – Bergen – Oslo

Brief Itinerary | Norwegian Freedom Tour

Day 1 Arrival Oslo, city tour
Day 2 Oslo – Trondheim via. The Dovrebanen Railway
Day 3 Departure Trondheim Hurtigruten
Day 4 Arrival Bergen
Day 5 Bergen City tour/activity
Day 6 Departure Bergen – Voss via Bergen Railway , Voss-Gudvangen Bus, Gudvangen – Flåm Fjord cruise, Flåm – Myrdal The Flam Railway , Myrdal – Oslo The Bergen Railway
Day 7 Oslo Departure

Tour Details | Norwegian Freedom Tour
Day 1: Oslo

Today you’ll walk around Oslo with a specialized guide, that’ll show the beautiful attractions Oslo has to offer. Meanwhile you will gain valuable information about Norway and the capital Oslo, so you have a good idea of what culture has evolved around the beautiful Norwegian nature.

Overnight Oslo

Day 2: Oslo – Trondheim via. Dovrebanen Railway

Dovrebanen takes you through stunning valleys and magnificent mountain scenery from Oslo to Trondheim. The train runs through scenic places like Gudbrandsdalen and Dovrefjell. On the train trip you will experience the beautiful and true Norwegian nature and scenery. When arriving in Trondheim you can go sightseeing in the old and beautiful northern town, where you can see the Nidaros Cathedral built in year 1066, you can see the old town bridge, where houses lie right next to the river going through the city or you can go for some delicious traditional Norwegian food.

Overnight Trondheim

Day 3: Departure Trondheim Hurtigruten

You’ll now depart on a magical cruise down the Norwegian coastline, experiencing beyond stunning fjords and coastal scenery. The sea voyage is often called the world’s most beautiful sea voyage, it’s said that you almost don’t know if you’re dreaming or it’s reality.

Overnight Hurtigruten

Day 4: Arrival Bergen, free day of exploring

Today you will go on your own and explore the nooks and alleys of the charming city of Bergen. It is highly recommended that you today visit traditional Norwegian restaurants and try out some of the many delicacies Norway have to offer.

Overnight Bergen

Day 5: Bergen exploration

Optional tour: Bergen hiking trip on one of the 7 mountains close to the city. Hiking trips are very popular in Bergen because of the amazing views you can get from the hiking trip, there’s trails for all levels of activity. You can either hike one of the trails yourself or join a group guided tour.

Optional tour: Segway tour of Bergen where you see the city’s many narrow streets, attractions and other amazing views. Skilled guides will show you around the city and show the charming buildings and scenery the city offers. Approx 700 NOK

Overnight Bergen

Day 6: Departure Bergen – Voss via Bergen Railway, Voss-Gudvangen Bus, Gudvangen – Flåm Fjord cruise, Flåm – Myrdal The Flam Railway, Myrdal – Oslo The Bergen Railway.

Today you’ll go on a magical bot ride as well as the last beautiful train ride left to discover. You will ride a boat to see some of the most valued and praised fjords Norway has to offer, which is Nærøyfjord & Aurlandsfjords. You will finally arrive in Oslo after a trainride.

Overnight Oslo

Day 7: Departure from Oslo


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