When travellers think of a Nordic tour, they’ll think of Finland with their 1000s of lakes, fairy tale Denmark, the Norwegian fjords and the birthplace of the Nobel Prize, Sweden. You’ll have a chance to visit Kronborg Castle 45km north of Copenhagen, Denmark, where Shakespeare’s famous “Hamlet” was created as setting. While on your Nordic tour you will enjoy Nordic style meals, especially on the adventurous cruise to Oslo, Norway. You will get a glimpse of beautiful Nordic scenery with the high speed rail in Sweden and Norway, and get to wander Stockholm – “Venice of the North.”

Nordic Tour Details
Day 1: Arrived in Helsinki on the first day (meal)

Enjoy a day tour in Helsinki where you can visit various museums and cultural centers. Learn more about Finland and its wonders 

Day 2: On the 2nd day, in the city of Helsinki, take a cruise to Stockholm in the afternoon (hotel breakfast)

Today you will be at seas on the wonderful cruise to Stockholm, also called “Venice of the North.” On the cruise you can enjoy various delicious nordic cuisine or enjoy the beautiful view of the Finnish and Swedish coast.

Day 3 Stockholm City Tour (Hotel Breakfast)

Have a full day to explore Stockholm, famous for its “Venice of the North”, stroll through the narrow old town of the road; visit the Vasa Museum, the Concert Hall and the Queens Island Palace.

Day 4 Stockholm – Bergen (Hotel Breakfast)

Take the train to the beautiful city of Bergen, where you will enjoy beautiful Nordic scenery on the way. More info on activites in Bergen

Day 5 Bergen – Sognefjord – Flam (Hotel Breakfast)

Continue on your train adventure down the coast of Norway to see beautiful fjords and Norwegian mainland.

Day 6 Flam – Geilo – Oslo (Hotel Breakfast)

You will adventure through the Norwegian mainland, discovering the true beauty of a Nordic tour. Aboard train you will comfortably ride through the mainland, spotting animals, villages and other remarkable sightseeings on the way.

Day 7 Oslo – Gothenburg – Copenhagen (Hotel Breakfast)

Cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen and enjoy some local Norwegian and Danish dishes on the way while daydreaming about the Nordic vikings that once roamed the area.

Day 8 Copenhagen (Hotel Breakfast)

Full day Copenhagen tour where you will experience all wonders the renowned Danish capital possess. You’ll get to adore the intricate canals running through Copenhagen on a boat. You will get a taste of the world-renowned Nordic cuisine while strolling through its enchanting streets. Marvel at the traditional architecture in the cities, which haven’t changed for hundreds of years. But yet still stand as majestic as ever before mixed with modern buildings, monuments, and landmarks.

Day 9 Copenhagen – Odense (Hotel Breakfast)

H.C. Andersen is a world-renowned Danish writer that wrote magical stories such as The Ugly Duckling, The Emperors New Clothes & The Nightingale. Therefore you will visit his hometown Odense, which is still a hotspot for visitors exploring traditional Danish architecture and townly charm. Visit the writer’s house and neighbourhood, – it’s still as charming as when H.C. Andersen got inspiration for his magical stories. Take the train back to Copenhagen in the evening.

Day 10 Copenhagen Departure (Hotel Breakfast)

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Helsinki: Scandic Hotel Helsinki, Helsinki

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Helsinki-Sta Golmore: Sylvia Cruises Silja Line Cruise

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Stockholm: Best Western Plus Time Hotel

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Bergen: First Hotel Marin Bergen, the first largest hotel in Bergen

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Flam: Flam Fretheim Hotel

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Oslo: First Hotel Millennium

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Copenhagen: First Hotel Kong Frederik

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This is our recommendation of a Nordic tour, if you’re interested please feel free to contact us for a price offer, as well as a tailored trip for your specific needs!

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