The Old Burma Road links Lashio Burma (is now called Myanmar) to Kunming China. The Road was used to transport materials during WWII. Because of the high ridges and deep valleys, the little impact from outside, residents of the roadside still live a simple life. The scenery along the Old Burma Road is spectacular. Start from Baoshan, you will drive up the Old Burma Road into the isolated parts of Yunnan, hike the Gaoligong Mountains, and enjoy the harmony and prosperity of ancient town Heshun.

Tour Highlights | Drive The Old Burma Road

The Old Burma Road, deep valleys & high ridges, Yunnan Coffee Plantation, Natural hot springs, Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve hiking, historic bridges, towns & Villages, Taoism temple, Museum & library, Qing Dynasty-style houses

Brief Itinerary | Drive The Old Burma Road

Day 1 Baoshan arrival, 1 night in Baoshan
Day 2 Coffee plantation, drive to Tengchong along the Old Burma Road, 1 night in Tengchong Gaoligong
Day 3 Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve hiking full day, 2 nights in Tengchong Heshun Ancient Town
Day 4 Tengchong Heshun Ancient town, Hot Springs Park & Yinxing Village
Day 5 Tengchong departure

Tour details | Drive The Old Burma Road

Day 1 Arrive in Baoshan, 1 night in Baoshan (no meals)

Meet on arrival at Baoshan airport and transfer to the hotel, check in Jinshuige Hotel. At Jinshuige hotel, you will see many photos showing the Old Burma Road in the 30s.
Baoshan is located in the western part of Yunnan province. In the past it was an important center for trade among Myanmar, India and China. Because Baoshan was a main battlefield during WWII so the Old Burma Road ran through here. Now it is an important production area of Yunnan arabica.
Overnight at Jinshuige Hotel, Baoshan

Day 2 Coffee plantation, drive to Tengchong along the Old Burma Road, 1 night in Tengchong Gaoligong (Breakfast/Lunch)

Hotel breakfast
Visit Baoshan coffee plantation Today’s trip is the highlight of your whole journey. You will drive around 210 km up the Old Burma Road into the isolated parts of Yunnan.
En route, you will explore the tropical landscape of the Nu River, the branch of Lancang River (known as Mekong River outside China); Visit the coffee plantation; Overlook the famous Huitong Bridge and visit the Burma Road museum on the way.

In the afternoon, you will Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve. Visit the Gaoligong Mountain Museum, you can learn about the species diversity, rare animals, plants and birds of the whole Gaoligong Mountain. And the forest rangers are dedicated to protecting this magical mountain range.

Overnight at Gaoligongshan area, Shili Chunshu Hotel

Day 3 Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve hiking full day, 2 nights in Tengchong Heshun Ancient Town (Breakfast/Lunch)

Hotel breakfast. Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve hiking full day 10-15 km.

Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve is known as “the most beautiful primeval forest in Southwest China”. The ancient road is the best preserved in Gaoligong Mountain. Along the way, the ancient road is secluded, the horse’s hooves are deep, and the mountain flowers are blooming. It is like walking in a picture. Walking in the dense forest of the most complete southern silk road full of negative oxygen ions in China, you can deeply feel that moss and fallen leaves cover up the old legend of the ancient road, and the bustling old road has become a silent historical book.

After hiking, you will reach Tengchong. It played an important role in the defense against the Japanese by the allied forces during WWII. Tengchong’s surroundings are dotted with countless ancient volcanoes and numerous natural hot springs.

Overnight at Tengchong Heshun Commander’s House, Tengchong  

Day 4 Tengchong Heshun historic town, Hot Springs Park & Yinxing Village (Breakfast/Lunch)

Hotel breakfast. Today you will visit the historic town of Heshun and its picturesque Qing Dynasty-style houses.

You will visit Ai Siqi’s (a well-known philosopher) former residence, Heshun Library, Yuanlongge Taoism Temple and Heshun Wencang Palace. Drive then to Tengchong Hot springs Park, one of China’s largest geothermal areas.

After lunch, drive to Yinxing Village which means ginkgo village in Chinese. It is 16 km from city center and takes 45 mins. to get there. There are more than 3000 gingko trees in the village and many of them are more than 500 years old.

You will also visit a museum about the history of the Old Burma Road.

Overnight at Tengchong Heshun Commander’s House, Tengchong  

Day 5 Tengchong departure (Breakfast)

Check out, drive to Tengchong airport and departure. Trip ends.

Min. 4 guests travelling together, 2020-2021
CNY 5380 per person twin sharing room
CNY 638
0 per person single room

What’s included

All private transfers, 4 nights hotel accommodations with standard room, 4 hotel breakfasts, 3 lunches, local English speaking guide, entrance ticket

What’s Not Included

In and out flights, personal expense, dinners & tips

Accommodations | Drive The Old Burma Road

D1-2 Baoshan Jingshuige Hotel
Baoshan Jingshuige Hotel is built in traditional style. The name of the hotel bar is “Stilwell road”. In the bar, there are old photos from the construction of Stilwell road and the objects and tools left over by the US and British allies during World War II. Jinshuige hotel is a hotel full of cultural charm.

D2-3 Tengchong Shili Chunshu Hotel
Tengchong Shili Chunshu Hotel is located nearby the Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve The design style is close to the natural ecology and local customs.

D3-5 Heshun Commander’s House, Tengchong
Heshun Commander’s House is located in the core area of Heshun, has a history of more than 100 years. It was originally the residence of Zhang Songlin, commander-in-chief of Tengyue town in the late Qing Dynasty.  It was built in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The hotel is integrated with the Museum of Damabang in the lane of Heshun.



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