We offer an exciting four week intensive Chinese Language course in which students will be able to learn “Survival Chinese”. By the course completion, 200 vocabulary words will have been introduced as well as the most useful phrases for everyday life. This course is an excellent introduction to meet the basic needs for communication and will lay the foundation for further Chinese language study.
Upon completion the students will be able to sit for the HSK 1. *
* HSK is an international standardized exam that tests and rate Chinese language proficiency. It assess non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities in using the Chinese language in their daily, academic and professional lives. There are six level of writing tests.

Destination: Shanghai

Schedule: 09.00-11.50, Monday-Friday
Sessions per week: 15 sessions
Duration: 2-4 weeks
Accommodation: excl. or incl.
Meals: excl.
2 weeks excl. accommodation: CNY 2580 or incl. accommodation CNY 3960 per person, 12 nights
3 weeks excl. accommodation: CNY 3880 or incl. accommodation CNY 6065 per person, 19 nights
4 weeks excl. accommodation: CNY 5150 or incl. accommodation CNY 8025 per person, 25 nights
Size of group: min. 4 persons

Course content
Week 1 – 15 sessions, 50 words proficiency
-Chinese pronunciation
-Self introduction
-To ask price
-To ask and give directions
-Simple dialogue with taxi driver
-To order in a cafe or bakery

Week 2 – 30 sessions, 100 words proficiency
-To order in a Chinese restaurant
-To describe one’s family
-To ask age and occupation
-The expression of time
-To use basic verbs in daily life

Week 3 – 45 sessions, 150s word proficiency
-To arrange one’s daily schedule
-How to book a ticket
-How to make a phone call
-Basic bargain conversation skills
-Simple dialogue in shop and market

Week 4 -60 sessions, 200 words proficiency
-How to give suggestions
-How to express an action or event has taken place
-Talk about hobby and interests
-To describe the layout of an apartment
-HSK1 preparation

*each session is 50mins in duration

Hotel name: Mingtown People’s Square Youth Hostel
Information: Most distinctive character is the Shanghai famous food street ‘Yunnan rd South ‘ is right next to the hostel, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy more Chinese cuisine than ever! The hotel has 88 beds, including single private, double room, twin room, dormitory room, all room has western style bathrooms! Providing internet cafe, comfortable lounge and self service kitchen ideally suit for people to socialize and make new friends from all over the world.
Location: Central located, near People’s Square. Only 11-minute walk from Yuyuan Garden, old town and 12-minute drive from Shanghai Railway Station. About 40-minute drive from Hongqiao Airport and a 50 min. drive from from Pudong International Airport.


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