Get a unique experience to try calligraphy or improve your artistic skills with 2 hours of Chinese calligraphy and painting classes, with a renowned Chinese artist blending traditional Chinese art with western influence.  Learn the depths of Chinese art and get a chance to paint your next masterwork, with assistance from a true master. You will get a chance to try out Chinese brushes and painting tools combined with advanced Chinese painting techniques, which have been inherited from master to student for thousands of years.

– 2 hours focused Chinese calligraphy/painting class taught by renowned artist
– Try to paint with traditional Chinese brushes and tools
– Learn advanced painting techniques
– Tips & tricks on painting/drawing from a Chinese master painter.

The master painter Chen Lifan
The instructor of the course is the master painter Chen Lifan, who has travelled around Europe for 9 years learning about western painting and culture, where he then returned to Shanghai, his hometown to launch classes and exhibitions where western and chinese culture blends to one magnificent masterpiece.

Chinese and western painting styles are very different, since western paintings are composed of many strokes where mistakes can be hidden, unlike chinese painting where there’s less strokes and no room for mistake. Therefore the blend between them can turn out to be fascinating and very multicultural. Through the course many gain understanding in the depth of chinese art, history and culture since painting is often perceived as an important part of human civilization.

Former experiences
The master painter has previously launched exhibitions where 20 western students contributed with their multicultural art works, which they’ve created with the help and guidance of Chen Lifan. Since all the students had different backgrounds, everyone had a different approach to blend the two cultures together on a canvas, making the results a remarkable array of colours, strokes and artistic exploration.

Price p.p. CNY 400 for 2 hours

Artists studio, Shanghai


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