Week 9 WINNER 第九周周冠军

9. Submission Title 标题:The Moment of Perseverance (三星 Samsung SM-G600FY)
Name 姓名:Allan Castañeda
LIKES 点赞:20

Description 描述:I was amazed by the beauty of Balete town in Batangas, Philippines during afternoon till dusk just because sunset here is amazing, in fact the sunset here is my target for my photography I had noticed the boy fishing on my side so I get the right angle. He always did this after his school for the sake of his family to have something to eat in dinner. His perseverance brought him a perfect moment.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 这张钓鱼照片的题目叫做坚持不懈的瞬间。如果作者拍到了小孩把鱼拎出水面的瞬间,再把题目再改成含蓄的、有象征意义的、欢快的、起点睛作用的就更完美了!但不管怎样,我很喜欢这张!

Ioana Farcas: Beautiful image and composition, it tells a story and engages the viewer. The light on the boy, the colours in the water and sky all fit, and the stones in the water look like stars. Nice work.

Eleanor Moseman: Finally a sunset image that is worth mentioning. Great composition and exposure. I’m guessing some post and HDR was involved but not too much.  There’s a dreamy sense of this image and evokes a calm from this moment. Probably one of my favorite images from the contest.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Beautiful sunset picture! Perfect lighting and composition. With the fishing boy as the focus point, it tells a story, thus standing out among many many sunset photos. Love it!

Oliver Oettli: Nice moment, nice time of the day. I think you should have gone more low with the camera or higher up. The horizon is cutting through boys head which I don’t like. Its a nice photo with too strong colors. Therefore its a solid but still average shot.

Week 9 第九周
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08/26 00:01 – 09/01 24:00 (GMT+8)

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The judge’s opinions on the others:

1. Submission Title 标题:武康大楼 (iPhone 7 Plus)
Name 姓名:沈杰
LIKES 点赞:90
Description 描述:摄于2016.11.28上海

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 武康大楼是一幢非常有特色的老楼,本人也一直想去拍拍,但是还没有想好最终该怎么拍,反正拍摄的时间应该像这张照片一样——在日落前,应为大楼的有意思的面是朝西的;也有可能再晚一些,等到天空暗下去变成深蓝色了、窗户里的灯光也开始亮了、马路上汽车的头灯、尾灯能在较慢的快门速度下划出一条条白线(头灯)、红线(尾灯)了,那时你就可以拍了。你现在这样拍太随意了,建筑物也没有垂直于地面,七斜八歪的没有力!

Ioana Farcas: Popular location for photographers, usually shot much better and in better light. Looks to me like just a quick snapshot while walking on the street and not much thought put in to it. Try to play a bit more with the angle and time of day to shoot this scene. Also leave out the blurr.

Eleanor Moseman: A moment passing by an interesting building structure. Many of us recognize this Shanghai street corner immediately. It’s not a strong street photograph or architecture photograph. Different angle and removing the soft blur vignette would help.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: A simple and straightforward shot of a historical building. With so many fans, I am sure you will come up with a better version! 加油!

Oliver Oettli: Straightforward as mentioned. The crop is a bit tighter and all in all its not exciting to me.

2. Submission Title 标题:俯瞰漓江(小米 Mi 8)
Name 姓名:夏宁
LIKES 点赞:84
Description 描述:登顶相公山,俯瞰漓江

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 好不容易爬上山顶,看到漓江那么漂亮的景色,心情飞扬!随手掏出了相机,随意地拍了这张照片,之后,产生了一些小问题:第一,太阳离地面太高了,反差太大,光线刺眼;第二,后期颜色调的太夸张了,不自然;第三,双臂应成向上的“八”字形,现在是“一”字型了,不好看,而且右手手指还显得僵硬。对作者来讲,这叫眼到手不到,没有能力表达出作者心中的美丽的漓江!

Ioana Farcas: Colours and editing are too much and I feel I should be seeing the face of the subject from this angle.

Eleanor Moseman: 2 The colors are very off putting for me. My attention is placed on the color choices rather than subject or composition. This would be much better without the cotton candy multi color filter. At this point, it’s simply about the filter and not image.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Nice effort but the image is just a bit “fake” for me. The color is treated too much and the pose is a bit “too posing”. Still, very good try!

Oliver Oettli: Lovely. Could be an advertising for green tea. Too much computer, too cheesy. Not my taste.

3. Submission Title 标题:Birthplace of statue (iPhone 7 Plus)
Name 姓名:AungYa
LIKES 点赞:76
Description 描述:This place is located in Myanmar called Sagyin Village. Most of the locals are sculptors and they shape a lot of statues from stones. It is the birthplace of statue.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 这是一幅用光漂亮的照片,内容也较吸引人,虽然挥榔头的右臂有点夸张,略显摆布痕迹,但也不失为是一张好照片,至少作者是动过脑筋的,不那没随意。另外,如再走近一步拍摄会更好看,我帮你裁一下你看看?

Ioana Farcas: Interesting. And the title makes sense. The elements are balanced, the kid in contrast with the statue, there’s negative space, though maybe not the best light.

Eleanor Moseman: This would be so much better without the bottom. Cropping it into a panoramic or cropping and trying a different angle with less ground, would have gotten this image to a competitive winner. Good job on the exposure, though. Retaining details in darks and lights.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: It took me a second look to realize what the boy is doing. Interesting shot! Maybe the bottom part can be cut a bit so that the focus can be more visible? Overall, it is a quality picture.

Oliver Oettli: Its a bad crop. The lower part of the picture doesn’t add anything to the meaning of the photo. Cut it away, only show the upper half and then its actually a nice shot. Good light.

4. Submission Title 标题:Blue (iPhone 8 plus)
Name 姓名:Basile
LIKES 点赞:52
Description 描述:Lviv, Ukraine: a 300-year old monastery courtyard in the historic city center. The baroque architecture suggests grander times. However, the building’s dilapidated state show how times have changed. The painting of an exasperated man with hands clasped serve as a reminder of the tension the country currently faces.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 枯树有点碍眼、蓝色的基调有点离奇。如果说墙面右下角的画是趣味中心的话,那我觉得还没有起到点睛的作用。这幅照片好像没有主题,虽然作者解释了很多,没用!而且题目也没有起好,叫做“蓝”,其实你不说我们也知道照片偏蓝了!

Ioana Farcas: Yes the building has history and meaning in itself, though I think the way it’s been captured doesn’t emphasise that.. Nor that it should. Work harder for a more unique perspective here, otherwise it’s just an old building and you haven’t added any meaning to it than it already had.

Eleanor Moseman: Another over use of filters. Nothing special about the image and the colors don’t help it. Could of possibly been better if the photographer stepped back a few meters. Not sure though.

Oliver Oettli: Hmm yeah the title fits. but you should rename it into “too blue”: I don’t see the point in altering the photo so much towards blue since it doesn’t add value to the shot. Its not an interesting picture to me other then the fact that it shows an interesting building.

5. Submission Title 标题:Serene moment (iPhone 5S)
Name 姓名:Rohini Shrinidhi
LIKES 点赞:32
Description 描述:Reflection of Mt. Hood on Trillium lake in the setting sun. Oregon

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 如果画面右下角的大石头上能站几只水鸟什么的、或者干脆做瑜伽的人,与左上方的雪山相呼应,那这张照片就活了!

Ioana Farcas: Not bad. Wish I’d seen clearer details in the foreground.

Eleanor Moseman: Nice landscapes and good exposure but nothing spectacular about it.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: I wish I could wake up to this serenity! Beautiful picture!

Oliver Oettli: Nice, clean. Good light, good time of day. I think the stones in the water make this shot. it makes it more interesting. Else it would just be a reflection. Like this, we have some depth in the shot. The sky is a tiny bit boring. But its a solid shot. One of the best ones this week.

6. Submission Title 标题:Plaza Espana at Seville in the setting sun (iPhone 7 plus)
Name 姓名:Rohini Shrinidhi
LIKES 点赞:26
Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 干净点落日光线洒在老建筑上,用光很到位!只是天空太干净了,缺少云彩,应该再往下裁掉一点点;水面也太干净了,最好左下角能来条小船什么的。

Eleanor Moseman: Nice landscapes and good exposure but nothing spectacular about it.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Very nice timing for shooting city buildings. You have put some thoughts in getting the best moment. Just the image is a bit too quiet.

Oliver Oettli: Its similar to the shot before. Solid, nice, good light. Boring sky. I like the shot of the mountain better. However, I do like the crop, not like Mr. Wang 😉

7. Submission Title 标题:Mexico City (iPhone 6s)
Name 姓名:Wendy
LIKES 点赞:22

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 这是一幅经典的伦布朗用光作品,在测逆光下、深色背景前,主题与背景清晰地分了开来,使原来是2D的平面图,变成了看上去像是3D的立体照片,这是我们摄影人一直追求的光线,摄影艺术,就是用光的艺术,恭喜一下!另外,我帮你裁了一下,看看主题是否更突出了?遗憾的是,主人公的眼神、动作都没有到位。也就是说,这张照片构图一般、用光很好、但瞬间没抓好,可惜!

Ioana Farcas: Eye-catching and entertaining subject in focus, less the capture.

Eleanor Moseman: Could of been better without the selective background focus. If the background is too busy, do something about it at the time of capture. Change angle, camera placement…don’t try to fix it in post or with filters. There is also too much negative space on the top. I have some hope this could of been a good street photograph if the photographer moved around a little bit change the composition.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Very nice angel! It captured the details of costume and the moving body of the dancer, against the sun. Vivid color and I feel the vibe!

Oliver Oettli: Very nice! At firts glance. great light, great moment! But then.. I looked closer. Gangfeng Wang is right, the moment was maybe not perfect. I dont care the closed eyes. But still I am sure there were better moments to capture in this dance. But there is one thing that really is a big no go for me. You altered the image, making EVERYTHING blurry but the dancer. The blurry house in the backgorund makes sense. It makes the dancer stand out. But why in the world did you blur out the floor around the dancer? There is no need. In the contrary. it makes the photo obviously a computer work. Completely taking away the authentic character of the photo. There is no need to do so but now, all i wonder is how much computer went into this result. Instead of the best photo, for me it is not only average. Its a pity.

8. Submission Title 标题:倒影 (华为 huawei MHA-A100)
Name 姓名:邹丽滢
LIKES 点赞:22
Description 描述:拍摄于苏州木渎古镇严家花园,苏州园林在倒影里也是那么美~

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 又是一幅倒影!外面“倒影”太多了,建议大家另辟蹊径,走自己的路,除非你的倒影能倒得与众不同!这幅照片构图比较松散,我帮你裁了一下,看看好一点了吗?可惜那个讨厌的白衣人物我去不掉!

Eleanor Moseman: Another nice reflection photo but lacks elements to make it stand out from the others. This reflection technique seems so little hokey and similar to just slapping a filter on a mediocre image.

Oliver Oettli: Reflections, photos upside down. I think we had that before. Its well done, the fish makes is even cooler. Its a bit too green for me. But most important. Its basically a new version of photos we had in this contects several times before.

Judge’s special mention, possible to enter the final list

Submission Title 标题:Hot Balloon Festival
Name 姓名:AungYa
Description 描述:Myanmar proudly celebrate Hot Balloon Festival in October and November. I shot this photo by mobile at one of the hot balloon festivals.This photo initiated my enthusiastic minded regarding photography. This is the very first step of my photograhy journey.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Oliver Oettli: Well the firework, its a fantastic moment! You’re in the middle of the action! One can basically hear the explosions, feel the people running. Its a completely new and fresh feeling compared to basically all other entries. The light is great, especially like the guy on the right with the green / yellow flare. For me definitely one of the best shots in this contest.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Totally agree. It really stands out!