Week 3 WINNER 第三周周冠军

“I love this image and I wish I owned it.” 

-Ioana Farcas 

Congrats Mark!

Week 3 第三周 
Submission 投稿 & LIKES 点赞:
07/15 00:01 – 07/21 24:00 (GMT+8)

37 submissions / 投稿
1939 views / 浏览人次

The judge’s opinions:

1. Submission Title 标题:Circles of Pray
Name 姓名:Gulnara Kuzbayeva
LIKES 点赞:70
Description 描述:This picture was taken in the Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt, Russia, a unique Russian Orthodox Church which is reflecting a strong bond between Russian people and the Navi. A must, if you are visiting St.Petersburg.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 作者用成熟的手法拍出了沉重的宗教气氛。在庄严中,微微透出了中世纪的黑暗,使人不寒而栗,这是一张有想法的照片!

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Very interesting photo! The photographer has created a strong visual impact, with lots of structure of a huge lamp against the church ceiling. It is an intriguing image, making you look and think for a long time, with many possible answers to the question “what i am looking at”…. For me, a good photo is the one to make people think and imagine.  This is the one!

Ioana Farcas: Great composition, creative, a deserving number one most voted from the public this week. I love that this image is not overedited, without soft edges or added vignette but with the details of the paintings in focus and the vibrant colours still there. It’s easy to make an already beautifully shot image into something worse by overediting it and I like that this one retains the raw beauty of these religious symbols. The round hanging chandelier structure with the decorative lines on the ceiling intentionally captured lead the eye into a spiral movement which make this architectural image more than just a quick snapshot.

Oliver Oettli: I don’t really share the excitement of other jury members. It extremely sharp for a mobile phone photo taken in a church. And even though I see and agree with the composition, I just somehowdon’t “like” the photo that much. It doesn’t “speak” to me.


2. Submission Title 标题:Can you buy your luck with money?… 🙂
Name 姓名:Gulnara Kuzbayeva
LIKES 点赞:48
Description 描述:Tourists place coins in one of the pavillions in the Park of the Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin, Russia. It suppose to bring luck, if the coin stays on it’s edge. For me, it represents the turn-ability of luck.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 同样还是教堂照片,相比之下,只是信息量缺少了一点!大面积的“死黑死白”色彩,浪费了有限的画面,损失了给观众展示细节的机会!但是,作者强调了站立的钢币儿的“趣为中心”,显示了作者还是有才华滴!

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: This picture stands out! The angel, composition, color and lighting… all together make the photo very artistic appealing. The standing coins add  motion and tension, and we can feel the thrill if the luck is coming or fading. This is a story telling piece of work and the title “Can you buy your luck with money” adds another twist to the theme. Great job and my favorite!

Oliver Oettli: Yeah, why not. You can do that. You are creative, work with depth of field and I am glad I can see the first coin. THis explains to me what it is. Else I would not understand. Yes, it deserves to be in the top 9.

3. Submission Title 标题: 网师园
Name 姓名:沈杰
LIKES 点赞:26
Description 描述:网师园之春 摄于2018年3月12日

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 好一张苏州园林照片:“水晶蓝”的天空、透明的空气、低角度的阳光、无懈可击的构图、稳健的臂力(丝毫没有抖动),充分地显示了作者的基本功!准确的曝光更是“助纣为虐”!这是一幅非常养眼的传统中国园林照片,有着极强的装饰性,但是年轻人未必会喜欢!如何去平衡呢?这是一个问题。不过,如果是我的话,也会这样拍的,这样看来,我们都老了!

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Perfect symmetry. Maybe too perfect and lacks a bit of exciting edge.

Ioana Farcas: Beautifully balanced and well composed shot, good exposure and pleasing reflection. Although a deserving top 9 votes this week, to me it lacks a certain energy and visual impact to make it a number 1. Still great shot!

Oliver Oettli: An old house reflecting in the water. Its a very “shot to death” composition. But its nice. Pleasing, calm, good framing. So yeah… Its not outstanding but a solid photo.

4. Submission Title 标题:Kunekune Pig
Name 姓名:Tanety Solikin
LIKES 点赞:26
Description 描述:It is a small breed hairy pig from New Zealand

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 这是一只野猪罗吧?meaningless,  meaningless!

Oliver Oettli: Well, no. Its more of a joke then a “good” photo. But it does not have that humor that I saw in last weeks selfie and the gym seat. So its just a no from me.

5. Submission Title 标题:羊卓雍措湖
Name 姓名:佟超
LIKES 点赞:19

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 水平线或地平线不能放在画面的当中,要么上面三分之一,要么下面三分之一,这是构图原则,除非你是大师,不然的话就按着规律走。这件事很重要、很重要、很重要!之所以我要说三遍,因为很重要!

Oliver Oettli: overedited version of a photo I saw already several times. I dont know what to say about it. If you have the resolution, print it out and hang it on your wall. It will give you peace in mind when sitting in front of it. But its not a “good” photo from an artistic point of view.

6. Submission Title 标题:願者上鉤
Name 姓名: Chunik
LIKES 点赞:16

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 海鸥从人手里抢走了食物,准确的瞬间、斜过来的构图,突出了“抢”字,增加了画面的动感——虽然整个画面没什么美感!在西方国家,海鸥不怕人,在旅游景点到处可见。法律明令禁止不许喂海鸟!而在中国,这却是个稀罕物——那么大一只鸟,不怕人,不得了!我估计西方评委和东方评委都会给出不同的打分的,你猜我是哪一方的。

Ioana Farcas: I agree with Gangfeng that in this image the oblique composition does add to the sense immediacy and idea of ‘robbing’ and movement. Candid moment, dynamic shot, this image made me smile.

Oliver Oettli: been there, saw that. Nice moment, I am sure everyone that ever fed birds tried to take this photo. And many of us did it better 

7. Submission Title 标题:佛拉明戈舞
Name 姓名:凉可润
LIKES 点赞:15
Description 描述:跨年晚会,看到西班牙舞者在跳舞,顺手拍了一张

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 低照度是手机摄影的禁区!没有充足的光线就不会有漂亮的颜色;没有漂亮的颜色,就不会博得评委的青睐,那你又何苦呢?!不光层次损失,怎么看还怎么不舒服,那你又何苦呢?加上那你主人公在干嘛还看不出,正在讨价还价吗?

Oliver Oettli: I think this photo was taken during a show. The photo is very nice although they are facing the wrong direction. Since the light and composition and everything was already there, I don’t value the photo very high. I mean, he just captured a moment during a show. But still, its well done, good aperture and everything. Deserves to be in the top 9.

Week 3 WINNER 第三周周冠军

8. Submission Title 标题:Let’s dance at Long Museum
Name 姓名:马克 Markel Ahlenius
LIKES 点赞: 12
Description 描述: In the midst of all the dyatopian industrial darkness a ballerina puts on her dancing shoes. A figure so fragile down there with that big slab pointing down at her, but she’s about to step out into the light. There she will gracefully spin stretch out and make great leaps into the air.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 这张不错,由法国街拍先辈布列松的风格!不知作者是厚积薄发呢,还是正好碰巧了?唯一的不足之处是手有点抖动,不过大师们的手也经常都在抖,这倒无伤大雅,这张照片可以放大了挂在墙壁上,使得蓬荜生辉!如你家是破房子,那么蓬荜生辉;如果你家是豪宅,那么锦上添花,恭喜

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: The image has many contrasts: black vs white, dust vs glamor, reality vs dreams…. nice moment captured!

Ioana Farcas: Great one! I love this image and I wish I owned it. Good choice for black&white, this image is dynamic and tells a story. On top of it being a technically well executed and composed image, the editing is delicately stylised and the description on point. Well done!

Oliver Oettli: There is not the slightestdoubt about the winner of this week. This photo has absolutely no competition.It is a very good photo! The composition, the moment, the aperture, workingwith abstract forms, the dancer and of course, the garbage (or is it just bagssomeone put there?). It all ends up in a beautiful and truly artistic photo. Thisis the first photo that I could imagine hanging in a gallery. Clear vote.

9. Submission Title 标题:藏龍躍虎?
Name 姓名:Chunik
LIKES 点赞:12
Description 描述:本來是香格里拉的噶丹鬆讚林寺倒映在拉姆央措湖中。但是再看這圖的時候發現左右兩朵雲有點意思,不知道你們有沒有發現?

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 司空见惯的的布达拉宫、司空见惯了的蓝天白云!朋友啊,能不能来一点新意呀,就里可是艺术摄影比赛啊!