Week 1 WINNER 第一周周冠军

7. Submission Title 标题:美琪大戏院 Majestic Theatre
Name 姓名:马克 Markel Ahlenius

After several rounds of discussion, the jury agreed on the week one winner: “美琪大戏院 Majestic Theatre by 马克 Markel Ahlenius”. Congrats, you have now entered the final and will also receive your prize at the Awards Party on the 8th of September. Here are the jury’s opinions and suggestions on all top 9 liked photos.

几经讨论,评委团一致认为“美琪大戏院 Majestic Theatre by 马克 Markel Ahlenius”是第一周最佳作品,恭喜”美琪大戏院”拿到第一张决赛入场券! 周冠军奖将在9月8号的颁奖庆典活动上颁发。评委们就9张大众投票最高的作品发表了各自的评论,还特别提到了一件没有入选的作品。

Week 1 第一周
Submission 投稿 / LIKES 点赞:
07/01 00:01 – 07/07 24:00 (GMT+8)

42 submissions / 投稿
5533 views / 浏览人次

The judge’s opinions:

1. Submission Title 标题:醉美江南
Name 姓名:沈杰
LIKES 点赞: 138
Description 描述:苏州环古城步道落日余晖

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Oliver Oettli: *yawn* If there’s one thing I don’t want to see its sunsets on a beach. Please. At least put a girl in for me. Then I’ll still dont like it, but wont fall asleep anymore.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Sunset is a classic photo scene and every second is beautiful. Both pictures are eye catching and have nice compositions. However, they don’t stands out among millions of sunset photos. Maybe to have moving objects in front or? Keeping working on it! Me too!

Eleanor Moseman: A landscape at sunset. The only thing that makes this better is the foreground with the trees. It’s nice they framed the moon, and even a few stars among the tree branches. I like that I can see see colors in the leaves which really warms up the image. Its a bit cliche for another sunset so I would encourage the photographer to keep trying other options and to experiment.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 大面基的天空、彩云、其点睛作用的新月及较低的水平线,显出作者的构图功底不错;准确的曝光、双光时分的把握,描绘了一幅美轮美奂的“屏保”!只是题材太大众了!

2. Submission Title 标题:怡园
Name 姓名:李晨
LIKES 点赞:130
Description 描述: 冬天路过怡园,偶遇这个场景,顺手拍了下来

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Ioana Farcas: I like the mood and the black&white toning of this image but that’s about it. I’m curious to see the photos take after this one. It looks like the beginning to a promising series of images on what’s going on inside the courtyard.
Oliver Oettli: I can’t read the sign. Does it say anthing related to the photo? Besides this its a beautiful composition, nice daylight and the decision to go sepia is absolutely right. Finally some truly artistic touch. But I think we can do better.

Eleanor Moseman: Cute playing with light and shadow and framing of an interior courtyard but like the other few, lower ranking choices for me, it could of been shot better. It looks like they are dividing it into thirds, which may have been intentionally or by accident. My eye continues to go to the door and want to explore what this wall is hiding. This image would of appealed to me more if the signage wasn’t there as it looks as if this is the main focus of the image. Keep playing with shadow and light and keep building a mystery for the viewer.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 甲:“喂,我找不到怡园!” 乙:我已经到了,我拍张门口的照片发给你,你拿着照片问一下别人吧!” ……之后,乙把这张照片转成了黑白,觉得挺艺术的,就来参加比赛了。

3. Submission Title 标题:一亩三分绿
Name 姓名:谢聘宇
LIKES 点赞:88
Description 描述: 蓝天白云下的一亩三分绿当是生活最经济的样子,却要不起……

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Eleanor Moseman: This is an example of when playing with an angle or viewpoint doesn’t work, at all. This could of been a beautiful landscape with a vibrant sky reflecting into the rice fields. But why the angle? Did the photographer fall over while shooting? I hope he/she is okay and didn’t hurt themselves. I would not be so heavy handed on the saturation of colors. This could of been a highly competitive winner in my eyes, if the horizon was level, there was more natural color and less contrast (there is a loss of details in the darks/shadows.)

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 好好的照片,干嘛要这样斜过来地拍?还有,不要随便地赋予一张照片很多令人费解的哲理,你高高兴兴拍照,我们轻轻松松看图!

4. Submission Title 标题:隔窗观战
Name 姓名:JANIFFER 曹健
LIKES 点赞:60

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Oliver Oettli: I like this kind of street photography with some humor. Still it could have been shot a bit better and the humor could also be a bit better. Nice shot, worth the best 9. Not more.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: This picture tells a story! A lovely street shot, with a humorous blend of old chess playing men and young Macdonald managers. It is a loud picture with many elements and if, without reading the title, i will lose focus. But the title “Watching through the Window” guided me to have a second look and i immediately understand the angle of the smart photographer. Good work and keep walking around, with open eyes and minds!
Eleanor Moseman: Is the photographer’s intent to capture the men playing chess or the McDonald’s sign? Sometimes street photography can work with advertisements or billboards but in my opinion this one doesn’t. There’s nothing in the composition that links the juxtaposition of the two elements to make it a strong image. I can’t differentiate between which men are sitting outside the glass or inside so it almost appears this man is playing alone while the other man has a fried piece of chicken floating next to his head. I encourage this photographer to work a little harder with finding a better angle and composition and don’t just be someone that “smashes a button”. Photographers are more than “button smashers”.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 隔着玻璃看下棋,正面是一幅麦当劳的招生广告,作者把广告上的人物与隔着玻璃的人物、玻璃外的人物放在一起,混乱成一片,不知想表达什么创作意图?作者说是“大家”都在“观战”,故应该把棋子拍得突出一点,但是海报里的人物是直视镜头的,故不像是在“观战”。

5. Submission Title 标题:
Name 姓名:吴锦忠
LIKES 点赞:51
Description 描述:我所见过的最好看的广场舞

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Oliver Oettli: Its a beautiful, very chinese composition with the light blue and blood red. I like the harmony of the dancers together with this great light and weather. Question for me is: Did he actually tell the dancers to stand there? Or do they always do this and he just passed by? The photo is the same. But the photographic fort is completely different.

Eleanor Moseman: Technically the photographer knows what makes a pleasing image. The horizon has been decided into thirds and even the women have been grouped to prevent an equal division, vertically. Besides composition, they have an eye for color as the blue, green, and reds all compliment one another. Overall, it’s a great image for tourism or travel. I would, personally, would prefer to see less oversaturated colors and to balance the sky to a more accurate blue rather than the green-blue/aqua color. When images have been altered or highly edited it makes me question authenticity of imagery. Of the choices this week, I choose this photograph because it’s strong technically, compositionally, with the effort of post-processing and showing a playfulness of travel photography. This photographer definitely has potential to create strong and beautiful images with more practice.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 我帮你在左、下及上面都裁掉了一点空间,这样看看是否主题更突出一点、画面更平衡一点呢?这是幅画面较大气的照片,但广场舞本身我觉得就是俗气!

6. Submission Title 标题:五彩云霞
Name 姓名:毕婷
LIKES 点赞:47
Description 描述:巴厘岛金巴兰海滩,其因为美丽的落日以及渔人作业的特殊方式而出名,令人神往!

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Ioana Farcas: Composition is not bad, but it doesn’t make me look twice. I also would have liked to see the sunset more in relation to perhaps a single person’s/object’s silhouette from the beach..

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Sunset is a classic photo scene and every second is beautiful. Both pictures are eye catching and have nice compositions. However, they don’t stands out among millions of sunset photos. Maybe to have moving objects in front or? Keeping working on it! Me too!

Eleanor Moseman: What a beautiful sky but there is nothing memorable about this one, for me. I’d like to see this photographer make an effort and wake up before sunrise to capture an image. I, like most working professionals, start work well before sunrise to capture that beautiful light. I can make out activity on the beach among the people but it’s too dark to see what’s happening. Perhaps, they could of tried focusing on a couple or a child, or something that would of exaggerated such a beautiful sky to make this image stand out and a memorable moment.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 是一副人见人爱但又是司空见惯了的照片,据说在中国,国家级的摄影比赛现在都内部规定有几类照片不管好坏一律不收,怕浪费裁判资源,日出日落即是其中一类!

Week 1 WINNER 第一周周冠军
7. Submission Title 标题:美琪大戏院 Majestic Theatre
Name 姓名:马克 Markel Ahlenius
LIKES 点赞:43
Description 描述:The iconic Art Deco styled Majestic Theatre – designed by Robert Fan (Fan Wenzhao) in 1941 – radiates flair and elegance. It sits like a gem among the more modern buildings that surrounds it. A place that lets its visitors travel in time.

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Ioana Farcas: Good composition and I can see the effort and thought put into it. The colours are pleasing and it’s not just a well framed image of the theatre, but also very well put into the context of the city and the people.
Oliver Oettli: Good moment, nice angle,completely straight, nice colors. Great daylight. Maybe a tiny bit too much “retouching” with the mobile app. One of my favourite.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: Another favorite piece…. Majestic Theater is an iconic building from old Shanghai and this picture brings back a moment of old time glamour, against magic sky color and amid hustle and bustle of a modern city. I pass this theater so many times and never got a good angle for a picture worthy shot. But to this photographer, you have a good eye and the moment is yours!

Eleanor Moseman: Like my first choice, number 5, this photographer has an eye for composition and color. I can see they’re trying to play with the grids of the power lines within the composition of the architecture. I love knowing this photographer got low to the ground in a very busy intersection to try and get a shot. Also beautiful time of the day, the magic hour, so I seem to think some thought and previsualization went into creating the image. I think the car going down the street and the people in the foreground impair this image from ranking higher. My eyes keep returning to the young man on his phone. Perhaps shoot from inside the crosswalk…I’m not sure, but surely keep getting low and trying all the options. There’s plenty of viewpoints and photography is sometimes like a dance and you need to keep moving around the subject for a decent shot.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 给人第一眼的感觉就是色彩过于夸张、建筑物的轴心线不够垂直、过马路的行人太多,挡掉了不少建筑面。路口上面的电线倒是蛮好看的,错落有致。后面的大楼迭在了大戏院的上面,像是同一建筑。但总体给人的色调感觉还是挺温馨的。

8. Submission Title 标题:采茶归来
Name 姓名:Andy Lu
LIKES 点赞:43

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Ioana Farcas: Perhaps my favourite, this image is (refreshingly) simple, stripped of non-natural elements and is beautifully framed. To me it suggests the beginning or end of maybe a classic old story about the relationship between two people and their passion for the land they work. It feels like a photo you’d have on a paperback novel or perhaps old folk music album cover.
Oliver Oettli: Kind of nice. I dont like the fact that they are obviously posing for the photo. Like this it looks to me like he wanted to take a portrait but then hit the wrong aperture. Somaybe it was an accident that turned out creative. I like it, but . yeah.

Guyu Syhr 谷雨: This is my vote for this week. The moment of “After Tea Picking” was nicely captured, with a silhouette of two farmers walking home, holding tea basket. I sense peace, harmony and satisfaction in this picture. It is simple, quiet but it conveys positive energy.
Eleanor Moseman: It’s a nice silouette that I surely sense the idea of travel. I think it’s too contrasty and two-tone. It could of been stronger with more than just a lake. It has an artistic appeal and like the previous high ranking choices, the photographer is experimenting with lighting and composition and this is so important to develop as a photographer.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 主题突出,色彩、构图简洁大方,在题目的提示下观众马上明白了是怎么回事。问题是摆布痕迹太重,估计作者玩过皮影戏,咋看都像是一出皮影。如何改进呢?其实只要要求演员们走几步路同时对看一下就可以了!为什么要走?有动感;为什么要对看呢?拍剪影的原则是要看人的“五分面”——即正侧面,这样线条就出来了。有没有见过马路上的剪影艺人,他们给你剪的都是侧面,而正面或背面的话你自己在家对着镜子就可以剪了,就一个圆加两个肩膀吧!

9. Submission Title 标题:倦鸟知还
Name 姓名:沈杰
LIKES 点赞: 40
Description 描述: 2018摄于苏州怡园门口

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Oliver Oettli: Pleasing to the eye Without the bird its nothing. With the bird its… not that much.

Eleanor Moseman: A peaceful moment captured. This was one of my favorites this week because this photographer was “looking” for a photograph that wasn’t during the day with easy exposure, or a cliche sunset, and not at a typical viewpoint. I love seeing young photographers playing with angles and viewpoints while experimenting with exposures and different types of available light. This is how you learn and I urge this photographer to keep playing and searching for images that others are not.

Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋: 月亮太小、实在太小了!当然,手机是拍不出大月亮的,因为是广角镜,所以也不能怪你!还有,这只鸟像是被惊吵后仓促逃离的样子,而不是飞过来停树上,所以叫“倦鸟归去”更合适一点。最后一个缺点,或说不足之处,那就是如果把月亮放在画面的左面,鸟在右面,飞进画面,那样可能就更符合你的题目了。其他我没有说到的,都是优点,估计其他评委都会提及的,在这儿我就不赘述了。周冠军?“倦鸟知还”吧,作者有感觉!

Judge special mention 评委特别点评,以资鼓励:

Submission Title 标题: 树似平镜,繁星若鱼
Name 姓名: Nick Wu
LIKES 点赞: 14
Description 描述: 冬日于青岛湛山寺祈福,看到寺院里平静水面中的倒影,与水中的金鱼搭配的相得益彰。

Judge’s opinions 评委观点
Eleanor Moseman: Well. It would of been a good competitor in the mix and unfortunate that it only received 14 votes. I think it shows someone using their brain to capture and compose an interesting image. It’s very painterly and it caught my eye because I wanted to see what it was. Of course it’s a reflection but how fun that they had fish as birds in the sky. Either way. I enjoy looking at this one.