The Finalists


Huge Congratulations to Allan Castañeda, the week 9 winner, for winning the Grand Prize in our 2018 Mobile Photograph Contest. Allan Castañeda won the favor of the majority of our Judges, making his picture the sure winner. The adoring picture of the Philippine boy fishing, won’t be forgotten soon!
恭喜来自菲律宾的Allan Castañeda在2018年第五届“瞬间”手机摄影大赛最终获得大奖(他也是第九周周冠军)。Allan Castañeda赢得了评委们的青睐,成为了最终赢家。菲律宾男孩的钓鱼瞬间,相信一定令人难忘!

2018 5th ChinaBase Mobile Photos Contest “Moment”
Grand Prize Winner
“The Moment of Perseverance”
by Allan Castañeda
第五届CBMPC手机摄影大赛 ”最佳瞬间


Allan Castañeda won because 3 of our judges, who each possess 226 votes determined the picture to be the very best of all finalists. The judge’s amount of votes is measured from the 1134 total public votes divided by 5 (amount of judges) = 226 votes for each judge. So the total vote count of Allan Castañeda’s picture summed up to 752 votes.
恭喜来自菲律宾的Allan Castañeda最终获得了冠军,按照大赛的计票方式,他最终获得了752票,名列第一。

Grand Prize: Cash CNY 3600
大奖一名: 现金人民币叁仟陆佰元整

About Allan Castañeda: Vote for Allan Castañeda’s “Moment of Perseverance”

Here are the finalists incl. 9 weekly winners and jury’s 3 special mentions

All weekly winners receive a cash prize of CNY 600

Week 1 WINNER 第一周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:美琪大戏院 Majestic Theatre
Name 姓名:马克 Markel Ahlenius
LIKES 点赞:36
Description 描述:The iconic Art Deco styled Majestic Theatre – designed by Robert Fan (Fan Wenzhao) in 1941 – radiates flair and elegance. It sits like a gem among the more modern buildings that surrounds it. A place that lets its visitors travel in time.

Week 2 WINNER 第二周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:繁星点点
Name 姓名:沈杰 (Jacky)
LIKES 点赞:294
Congrats to Jacky who received the most Public Votes!
ABout 沈杰: Vote for 沈杰’s “春” and “繁星点点”

Description 描述:摄于2017年3月苏州沧浪亭

Week 3 WINNER 第三周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:Let’s dance at Long Museum
Name 姓名:马克 Markel Ahlenius
LIKES 点赞:27 Public votes大众投票 + 226 Jury’s votes 评委投票 = 253 votes

Markel Ahlenius’ picture received a vote from one of our judges, therefore adding addiotional 226 votes to his public vote count.

Description 描述: In the midst of all the dyatopian industrial darkness a ballerina puts on her dancing shoes. A figure so fragile down there with that big slab pointing down at her, but she’s about to step out into the light. There she will gracefully spin stretch out and make great leaps into the air.

Week 4 WINNER 第四周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:After the rain is before the rain
Name 姓名:Gulnara Kuzbayeva
LIKES 点赞:25

About Gulnara Kazbayeva: Vote for Gulnara’s “After rain is before the rain”

Description 描述:Reflexion of the Clock Tower in Kremlin, Novgorod, Russia. A short moment of sun between two rain showers.

Week 5 WINNER 第五周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:
Name 姓名:沈杰
LIKES 点赞:241

ABout 沈杰: Vote for 沈杰’s “春” and “繁星点点”

Description 描述:摄于2018/4/1苏州怡园

Week 6 WINNER 第六周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:回到旧时光
Name 姓名:Wendy
LIKES 点赞:48

About Wendy: Vote for Wendy’s “回到旧时光”

Description 描述:Sargen8 火车曾是贝尔格莱德和萨拉热窝间的重要交通工具,至今仍保留1915年开通时的模样。斑驳的阳光洒在古老的站台,仿佛回到旧时光。个人非常喜欢第一个车窗里少女的侧脸,如果没有乘务员,拍下形色各异的脸庞也会很有趣吧。

Week 7 WINNER 第七周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:A Boat Ride through Tongli National Wetland Park
Name 姓名: Nicholas A Browne
LIKES 点赞:19

About Nicholas A Browne: Vote for Nicholas’ “A Boat Ride through Tongli National…”

Description 描述:Tongli National Wetland Park is an oasis for any traveler interested in saying the beautiful wetlands of China. Take a boat ride through the park to see it from a unique point of view.

Week 8 WINNER 第八周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:Traditional umbrella
Name 姓名:AungYa
LIKES 点赞:214

About AungYa: Vote Aung Ya’s “Traditional Umbrella” & “Hot Balloon Festival”

Description 描述:When I see this guy, I feel like he is sitting middle of White Butterflies. But actually, he is making very beautiful traditional hansmade umbrellas.

Week 9 WINNER 第九周周冠军

Submission Title 标题:The Moment of Perseverance (三星 Samsung SM-G600FY)
Name 姓名:Allan Castañeda
LIKES 点赞:74 LIKEs (Public votes 大众投票数) + 678 jury’s votes (1134 total public votes/5 x 3 评委团投票) = 752 votes

Congratulation, the grand prize winner!

Description 描述:I was amazed by the beauty of Balete town in Batangas, Philippines during afternoon till dusk just because sunset here is amazing, in fact the sunset here is my target for my photography I had noticed the boy fishing on my side so I get the right angle. He always did this after his school for the sake of his family to have something to eat in dinner. His perseverance brought him a perfect moment.

Judge special mention 评委特别点评

Submission Title 标题: 净化心灵
Name 姓名: 沈一鸣
LIKES 点赞:14
Description 描述:观音山上的那一抹绿

Submission Title 标题:The-Last-Winter-Tree
Name 姓名: farhad zolfaghari
LIKES 点赞:12 Public votes 大众投票 + 226 Jury’s votes 评委投票 = 238 votes

Farhad received a vote from one of our judges, and as a result boosting his picture’s vote up by additional 226, totalling in 238 votes.
farhad zolfaghari得到了一位评委的青睐和投票,总票数增加了226票

Description 描述:A tree is stuck in its root.

Submission Title 标题:Hot Balloon Festival
Name 姓名:AungYa
LIKES 点赞:130
Description 描述:Myanmar proudly celebrate Hot Balloon Festival in October and November. I shot this photo by mobile at one of the hot balloon festivals.This photo initiated my enthusiastic minded regarding photography. This is the very first step of my photograhy journey.