2019 6th CB Mobile Photo Contest
第六届手机摄影大赛: 瞬间

Pre-contest: 01.03-05.04 | Main contest: 01.07-01.09

The Pre-Contest to the 6th edition of ChinaBase Mobile Photo Contest is in full swing. Submit your best city exploration photo to show off your talent. We’re excited to see your submissions, sharings and read stories behind those moments. The best photo or short video will be voted by the public and the renowned judge Wang Gangfeng.

The expert judge winner will win a $150 cash prize + $150 voucher for any trip on chinabasetravel.com. The community voted winner will win a $150 voucher for any trip on chinabasetravel.com. Both winners will enter directly into the finalists round in the 6th edition of CB Mobile Photo Contest, resulting in a chance of winning even bigger cash prizes.

The event has been designed as a fun way for people to capture their most precious moments and share them with other people, at the same time to raise funds for the 【Traveling Dream Program】, a project that supports young people’s travel in China, helps to make the world a place with less prejudice and discrimination, more patience, undestanding and love. Since 2015, we have sponsored 8 people (16-21 years old) from China, Singapore, Australia, Denmark and France.


Pre-contest: 1 March(9AM UTC)-29 March(12PM UTC) (29 March-5th april(12PM UTC), judging + community vote)

Main contest: 1 July-1 September 9 weeks of submission

Venue of the Event:


How to participate:

1. Enter the Contest page on photocrowd.com (exact URL TBA)
2. Follow instructions on page.

Main Contest

The Selection Process:

We encourage all participants to promote their own submissions in order to get more public votes and increase the number of views. Unfortunately, many good submissions were unable to enter the final list in the past. We have been improving the selection process every year.

For the pre-contest there will be more information about what we look for on the platform.

More info about the Sponsorship, please click here 2018 Mobile Photos Contest Sponsorship or contact us. Thank you!

Event organizer: ChinaBase Travel Shanghai – Suzhou – Denmark