2018 5th CB Mobile Photo Contest:MOMENT


Huge Congratulation to Allan Castañeda, the week 9 winner, for winning the Grand Prize in our 2018 Mobile Photography Contest. Allan Castañeda won the favor of the majority of our Judges, making his picture the sure winner. The adoring picture of the Philippine boy fishing, wont be forgotten soon!

Allan Castañeda won because 3 of our judges, who each possess 226 votes determined the picture to be the very best of all finalists. The judge’s amount of votes is measured from the 1134 total public votes divided by 5 (amount of judges) = 226 votes for each judge. So the total vote count of Allan Castañeda’s picture summed up to 752 votes.

2018 Grand Prize Winner
“Moment of Perseverance”
by Allan Castañeda


Description 描述:I was amazed by the beauty of Balete town in Batangas, Philippines during afternoon till dusk just because sunset here is amazing, in fact the sunset here is my target for my photography I had noticed the boy fishing on my side so I get the right angle. He always did this after his school for the sake of his family to have something to eat in dinner. His perseverance brought him a perfect moment.