Welcome to the 2019 CB Mobile Photo Pre-Contest portal: City Exploration


Submissions: 1-28 March (17-20 GMT +8) Community Voting: 28 March-4th april (20-20 GMT +8)


In accordance to the 6th edition of CB Mobile Photo Contest (9 weeks, Jul 1-Aug 31, 2019), we wish to celebrate the city and all its wonders in this pre-contest ‘warm up’. So capture your exploration through the city and document the unique moments and aspects the city offer. Enter with any scenery that proves why the city itself is a destination worthy of exploration, don’t feel limited – feel free to be creative!


  • $150 + $150 voucher for judge picked winner
  • $150 voucher for community voted winner
  • Both winners have the option to reserve a finalists spot in the 6th edition CB Mobile Photo Contest
  • *Voucher to be used on chinabasetravel.com


Our pre-contest will be head judged by the renowned Fine Art photographer Wang Gangfeng. With help from his supporters, they together have a fine eye for spotting the qualities a winning photo must have. Wang Gangfeng is credited as being the first freelance photographer in China.  In 1981 equipped with a second-hand camera and expired film, he set out to capture the everyday images of China that surrounded him.

What is CB Mobile Photo Contest?

The contest has been designed as a fun way for people to capture their most precious moments and share them with other people, and at the same time to raise funds for the 【Traveling Dream Program】,a project that supports young people’s travel in China, helps to make the world a place with less prejudice and discrimination, more patience, understanding and love. Since 2015, we have sponsored 8 people (16-21 years old) from China, Singapore, Australia, Denmark and France.

Why are we hosting a pre-contest on photocrowd.com?

For our 6th edition of our Mobile Photo Contest we had a vision of reaching a larger scale of enthusiastic and talented photographers. The idea is to bring the world further together, and see submitted pictures from all over the world. In our pre-contest theme ‘City Exploration’ we wanted to see all sides of city life, from all over the world.

… and what is photocrowd?

Photocrowd is a global community of photographers, of all levels and interests, and a platform for some of the best photo contests and photo awards around. It’s a place where photographers find inspiration and connect with other photographers.

  • 170k+ registered photographers (Dec 18)
  • Balance between amateur, semi- and professional photographers
  • Community contests, Expert judged contests & esteemed Photo Award contests
  • Versatile platform, easy to navigate, register and submit
  • +10 million page views per month
  • Community consisting of ≈46% European, ≈28% North American , ≈26% ROW

CB Mobile Photo Contest 6th Edition Launch

As always we expect our esteemed mobile photo contest to be launched on the 1st of July, with a broad array of participants and big prizes to grab. So please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on our social sites, to keep posted about our main contest.