Huge Congratulations to
Andy Gray@The Tunnel 
for the expert judge winner of the Pre-contest

恭喜Andy Gray 获得手机摄影预热赛评委大奖

The expert judge winner will win a $150 cash prize + $150 voucher for any trip on 


Andy Gray @The Tunnel
Apple iPhone 4S

Reviewed by Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋:
An interesting centre – two people on the perfect spot in the frame. Smartly, the photographer has turned the colour into black and white, which makes the image simple but gives more impact! Walking from the dark towards the light, gives you imaginations of the future! The photographer not only has the eyes, but also has caught the right moment with the perfect framing.
王刚锋: 如果要挑剔的话,那么这个题目就没有起到点睛之笔的作用了,因为你不说隧道,别人看得出是隧道,题目就变成多余的了!如果题目能表达出你当初拍摄时候的心情和感觉,那就完美了!其他方面如构图、用光、人物姿态及大小比例的安排,看得出作者的老练程度;特别是黑白色调,使得作品显得格外的简洁并具有冲击力!

Huge Congratulations to
Presvlittle @The Vessel 
for the community voted winner of the Pre-contest

恭喜Presvlittle 获得手机摄影预热赛大众评选奖

The community voted winner will win a $150 voucher for any trip on


Presvlittle @The Vessel
Apple iPhone XS Max

Reviewed by Wang Gangfeng 王刚锋:
Repeated shapes are always a good way to grab the audiences attention!

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