2018 5th CB Mobile Photo Contest Awards Party

It’s that time of year again!

We from CB Travel want to sincerely thank you all for your continued support and thank you all for sharing your inspiration and positive vibes with others. As a result, you are invited to join our MOMENT Awards Party! All winners will be announced at the party!
感谢大家一如既往的支持, 感谢投稿分享灵感和正能量的朋友们。欢迎参加颁奖派对, 我们同时将在派对上宣布本届的最佳瞬间的获胜者们!

The Mobile Photo Contest has been designed as a fun and captivating way to encourage people to share their special moments while traveling. And better yet, – it is also for a good cause as it’s a fundraising activity for our Corporate Social Responsible Program called the Travelling Dream Program. With the Travelling Dream Program, we aim to help and assist young people to realize their dream-traveling project in China. This year we have sponsored the young and adventurous Arthur Yao, whose travelling dream was to bike through Mongolia and experience a diverse way of life.
手机摄影大赛是希望人们通过用手机记录有趣有有意义难忘的瞬间,并分享给其他人,也同时为我们的回馈社会的计划活动”助你实现旅行梦想”筹款。该计划是希望通过我们的帮助让更多热爱生活的年轻人在旅行中认识世界, 增强自信心, 并获得成长, 实现自己的梦想! 我们今年资助的是Arthur Yao同学,他的旅行梦想是骑行内蒙古, 去体验不一样的生活方式。

What: 2018 5th CB Mobile Photo Contest Awards Party (RSVP only)
动内容:2018第五届手机摄影大赛颁奖派对 (仅限提前预约及邀请)
Food & Beverages provided 提供食物饮料

When: Saturday, Sep 8th 17:30-20:30
活动时间:星期六, 9月8日, 傍晚五点半至八点半

17:30 – Arrive 签到
18:00 – Hidden Lanehouse Garden Group photo by Wang Gangfeng 神秘弄堂花园集体照
18:45 – Arthur Yao’s adventure 分享Arthur Yao同学的旅行经历
19:19 – Winner announcement and Awards 宣布大赛冠军,颁奖

Where: Studio Gang of One, No 41, Lane 590 Weihai rd (can also enter from Lane 99, Taixing rd, Zhang Garden)
活动地点:刚峰摄影棚 静安区威海路590弄41号 (也可以从泰兴路99弄张园进)

Dress code: Hidden Lanehouse Garden
着装: 神秘弄堂花园

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