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2018 CB Mobile Photo Contest MOMENT Awards Party: Hidden Lanehouse Garden

CB Mobile Photo Contest: MOMENT
In 2014, we launched our first mobile photo contest to raise followers of our CBTravel WeChat account. It was designed as a fun way for people to capture their most rememberable and precious moments, and share them with other people. One year later, we decided to turn the contest into a fund raising event for our CSR program the 【Traveling Dream Program】.  With the 【Traveling Dream Program】, we aim to help and assist young people to realize their travel projects in China. The numbers of followers have been increasing year by year. From a couple of thousands in 2014 to nearly 60,000 in 2017. We still expect an increasing on the numbers in future contests. 2018 5th CB Mobile Photo Contest is from the 1st of July to the 1st of September. Please click here for more details.

Moment Awards Party 

On Sep 18, 2014 we held our first Awards Party to announce the winners of the Mobile Photo Contest, and give the winners prizes. In 2015,  we also invited the beneficiaries of the 【Traveling Dream Program】to the Awards Party. In 2017, the Moment Awards Party was also a theme Party “Shanghai Longtang Casual”. We are looking forward to the coming one on the 8th of September, 2018. Sep 08 Sat. | 2018 MOMENT Awards Party

Music & Art 

-2019 Shanghai SMG Chinese Music tour of Denmark. Click here for Sponsorship & Donation Opportunity 
-Chinese Music of Shanghai’s Denmark Tour 2016.10.26-11.5
-Art Exhibition DIFFERENT VISION 2016.01.18
-Art Charity Auction with Lifan’s paintings 2015.05.18