ChinaBase Travel, the tailored travel specialist, has 17 years experience in custom travel for individuals and groups alike across China, Asia and beyond.

China Base TeamChinaBase was established in 1999. Since then it has gained experience and developed a deep insight into the dynamic travel market. For 17 years the company has given exceptional and unforgettable travel experiences to its clients. The team at ChinaBase has extensive knowledge essential to overcoming language as well as cultural barriers. Service and consumer oriented, we always tailor to your individual needs and expectations. We are keen on creating a strong relationship with you.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sensitivity towards needs has always been an essential strategic value for ChinaBase. In August 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility became part of our written policy. The company is engaged in many charity activities and made many appreciated donations. ChinaBase feels responsible for its actions and does its best to have a positive impact on society and the planet. We constantly seek out alternative, future oriented partners when doing business. Moreover, ChinaBase participates in the fight against climate changes and global warming by supporting the reducing CO2 emission policy: “More rail, Less CO2, Green travel with ChinaBase”.

ChinaBase cares for people and their individual needs. The best place to start is to create a friendly and healthy work environment. The company knows that satisfied employees will provide you with a better service. We focus on having a professional team. Organization of training as well as integration events for staff is integral elements of our Business Model. In 2009 the ”Green Life” program was introduced in order to promote a healthier way of living (e.g. weekly Tachi lessons) and eco-friendly behaviors (e.g. paper and electricity conservation) in the company.

We know there is still much to be done. Help us to make a meaningful difference by sharing your experiences and ideas with us!


Christy Chen Moeller is the founder of ChinaBase. Shanghai born, she lived in Denmark for many years where she experienced first hand how a stranger might feel in a foreign country. She learned that differences in language and culture may lead to a lot of problems and misunderstandings. Upon her return to China, she traveled across the world and China. Astonished by the sights she wished to share with others, coupled with her friendly outgoing personality and with her talent for designing great tours she decided to start her own business. Now, with her rich experience she is one of the best tailored travel specialists for China and beyond.


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