About Us

ChinaBase Travel (CBTravel) a specialist in travel and event management that has been serving clients worldwide for 20 years.

CBTravel was established in 1999. Since then it has gained experience and developed a deep insight into the dynamic travel market. For almost 20 years we have given exceptional and unforgettable travel experiences to its clients. Our team has extensive knowledge essential to overcoming language as well as cultural barriers. Service and consumer oriented, we always tailor to your individual needs and expectations. We are keen on creating a strong relationship with you.

The tailored travel specialist!

Sensitivity towards needs has always been an essential strategic value for CBTravel. In August 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility became part of our written policy. Since then, CBTravel has been engaging in numerous charity activities and made many appreciated donations. In September 2014, we launched the Traveling Dream Program, a project that supports young people’s travel in China, help to make the world a place with less prejudices and discrimination, more patience, understanding and love. Every year, CBTravel raises funds by organizing Come Bike With Us, Mobile Photo Contest and Arts Auction . We have reached out loads of people around the world through these events. Traveling Dream Program became an important CSR policy at CBTravel.

You may click Traveling Dream Program and CBEvent for more detailed info.

CBTravel has also more than 18 years’ experience in being a DMC (Destination Management Company) in China. We offer a broad range of services both for corporate and leisure clients. We are specializing in the design and tailored made implementation in events, activities, excursions, transportation and program logistics.  With our cross-culture expertise, strong local knowledge and insight, CBTravel will always give you an unique experience in China.

About the founder

Christy Chen Moeller, a traveler and the owner of CBTravel, is a veteran in travel & event management for 20 years. She worked as a tour leader for Danish leisure groups in China in 1996. 3 years later, she started CBTravel, a travel agent that offering tailored travels in China, Asia & Beyond. Travel has always been her passion. She has explored more than 50 countries in all 5 continentals and will keep exploring. Christy Chen Moeller has been a board member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China, Shanghai since 2016, and the vice chairman in 2018-2019.